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Wednesday, 05 December 2012 00:00
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Enyjoycare funrides develops a technological marvel on wheels

• Different riders of the scooter One of the leading firms - Enjoycare Funrides Limited, recently made a technological marvel on wheels – the manufacture of electric scooters. The firm which situates at suite BA 13A, Maryland Business Plaza, Maryland, Lagos, made the breakthrough with its associate in America. Science Reporter, STANLEY CHIBUIHEM AMALAHA, in an encounter with Mr. Seun Peters, the firm’s Executive Director, reports on the machine described as the first of its kind in this part of the world.

One of the common means of transportation in Nigeria is by road. However, road transportation in Nigeria is associated with a lot of traffic jams especially in Urban cities like Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, just to mention but a few. With the recent technological breakthrough made by Enjoycare Funrides Limited in the manufacture of electric scooter, the problems associated with road transportation in the country will soon become something of the past.
The technological marvel on wheels – Electric scooter is a two-wheeled means of Personal Transportation with ZERO EMISSIONS making it suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It is also a leader in green transportation with its zero emission technology. According to Mr. Seun Peters, the Executive Director of the firm, “the scooter can be used for the following:
Promotional campaigns and product launch,
Business advertising and
Also at corporate events
On promotional campaigns, the scooter being a novel and unique means of personal transportation, offers an innovative way to promote your products and your company. It is based on personal contact with potential customers using an annual means of transport because this unique advertising concept attracts the attention of anybody who walks by. It can also be used for Promotional group rides, I.e. campaigns using several Electric Scooters at the same time in order to magnify the impact and the visibility of the advertisement.
It is also suitable for street marketing and road shows; handling out your flyers; promotional items or samples; and as a complement to promotional campaigns (e.g. movement of hostesses, moderators or organizers of the event).
The scooter is an effective promotional medium because it provides mobility and highly visible advertising space. It can also hold banners with matching wheel covers.”

On business/brand advertising, the legal luminary highlighted that: “the Scooter is one of the new means by which you can take your business/brand directly to potential consumers and events whether indoors or outdoors. The Electric Scooter is not only a prop for your branding and advertising, it allows your brand/business to inform the curiosity of a target audience and then open the door for a brand experience, thereby increasing returns.
In the highly competitive world of business, companies need to maintain an edge that differentiates themselves from their competitors. The Scooter as a business advertising tool provides a technological advantage over your competitors, capable of bringing your business to the next level. This breakthrough in the advertisement industry allows companies to succeed in their advertisement campaigns and enhance their Marketing strategies” he said.

On corporate events, Peters stated that: the Scooter can add fun to company parties or team building events. They can be used for group races. All participants such as colleagues, employees, partners or clients will definitely enjoy the electric personal transporter and everybody would have a great time. These events can take place indoors or outdoors. On the mechanism of operation, he said: “the environmental friendly machine which reduces costs associated with petrol moves at about 20km/h. It travels a total distance of 28km when the battery is fully charged for 4 hours. It uses lean steer technology to move you from one place to another.

This means that the Scooter operates with your body movement. Thus, if you lean forward, the scooter moves towards that direction; if you stand erect, it stops; and if you lean backwards, it reverses by moving backwards. It is the first of its kind. It is unique indeed.”


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