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NEMA and the Refugee Situation in NorthEast Nigeria

Following the declaration of a state of emergency in the three states in northeast Nigeria by the Federal Government and the deployment of the military to the area for full operations to combat insurrection and flush out the insurgents, there has been displacement of the civilian population, with many people moving out of the area to become refugees in Niger Republic and Chad.

INEC and Political Campaigns

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) recently announced that it was set to sanction any political party caught engaging in campaigns for the 2015 elections before the time set for such campaigns by the electoral law.

State Electoral Commissions and the Quest for Autonomy

Attahiru JegaThe Forum of State Electoral Commissions after a recent meeting at Abuja called for the independence of the State Electoral Commissions as a way of improving their performance.

Death knell to Federalism

One of the saddest legacies of the Military’s incursion into our political terrain was the introduction and imposition of its command-and-obey military culture into our national life. And that Command structure, the Zombie pyramid, threw our federalism out of the window and brought in its wake a totalitarian centralist government of unitarism.

Reps and amendment of President's impeachment processes

The report that the bill seeking to amend the processes for the impeachment of the President and the Vice President in the Constitution with a view to simplifying them has gone through the second reading in the House of Representatives is yet one other example of the misplaced priorities of those in the leadership of the country.

Mid-Air drama and alarming politics

When will dirty politics end, and when will sane politics begin? This was the simple question that raged on many concerned lips throughout the weekend as Nigerians were once again treated to the absurdity of dirty politics which has gripped the nation for some time now.



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