Make your kitchen as inviting as flower

NO doubt, cooking activities go on in the kitchen on a daily basis. Day in, day out, mothers and home-makers need to cater to the growing needs of their families.

Coconut Milk

COCONUT milk is extracted by grating mature coconuts and squeezing them by using cheesecloth or both bare hands. This milky white liquid is called santam in Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia, and gata in Philippines.

Wallpapers for your kitchen

THE choice of wallpapers can be daunting, but allow yourself time to peruse as many wallpaper books as you can find. Many types of wall coverings are available. Each requires slightly different preparation, application, and finishing work according to its characteristics:

Periwinkles delight

PERIWINKLE is an evergreen perennial shrub cultivated in Europe, Northwestern Africa, Central Asia and some parts of North America. It has numerous branches that can reach up to 2½ feet in height on full maturity. The oval shaped leaves have a glossy surface.

Enhance your beauty with nutritious snacks

Are you tired of expensive skin creams, disappointing hair products and time-consuming beauty treatments? Then, it’s time to eat right to enhance your beautiful!
We give you 10 nutritious snacks that can solve your beauty problems.