‘Nigeria can feed West Africa with electricity’

Ogbori Ozigi Kadri works with the Power Holding Corporation of Nigeria (PHCN) as a transmission engineer. He is responsible for the transmission of power from 230KVA to 33KVA level at Egbin. Recently, the amiable engineer met with JOHNSON FAGBAMILA and he spoke about why Nigeria is not enjoying  Uninterrupted power supply, the impediments of the engineering profession in Nigeria, the forces negating its advancement, the energy crisis in Nigeria and what to expect in the nearest future, and other related issues.

BCPG seeks professional expertise to end incessant building collapse

Experts in the built environment have again put heads together to find a lasting solution to the issue of collapse buildings in the country, and at the same time looked at loopholes that are believed to play a significant role in the prevalence of the menace and how to plug such holes.

Professional steps in building houses

Understanding the steps in building a house will aid your knowledge more and always make you come out with better result. It does not matter whether it is your first or second house.
The steps discussed here is not arranged in any sequential order, although great care was taken at ensuring that the following will help you understand the scheme of things in housing construction.

‘Government responsible for collapsed buildings’

 Pastor Charles Taiwo Babalola is the chief executive officer Charles & May Nigeria Ltd., a consultancy firm with bias in education development. He is also a stakeholder in the housing sector. In this interview with Johnson Fagbamila, the Lagos State Eko Project award winner talks about the issue of insecurity, building collapse and demolition of inhabitable houses in Lagos.

Poor countries to have $100b aid to combat climate change

A new global fund on climate change that aims to channel $100 billion a year in aid to poor countries to help combat the menace of climate change has been set up by the United Nations.

‘Buying your own home is a better decision after three years’

For most buyers in the United States who intend to live in a home for at least three years, buying is a better financial decision than renting, according to a new analysis by Zillow. The firm looked at the ‘breakeven horizon’ in more than 200 metros and 7,500 US cities to determine how many years it would take before owning a home becomes more financially advantageous than renting the same home. In more than three quarters of metros analysed, a home owner would break even after three years or less of owning a home.