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Monday, 03 December 2012 00:00
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Our mobile phones are not cheap or inferior, says TECNO VP

Since the introduction of the TECNO brand of mobile phones into the country, there has been a general perception that the device is inferior due to the price tag that all its range of devices carry across the country.

However, that may soon change going by the visit of the Vice President of TECNO Group, Mr. Arit Chowdhury to Nigeria last week.

His visit to Nigeria was one of such move to strength the growing impact of the brand, which have gained firm hold on the mobile phones market in the country.

In an interview with the Nigerian Compass, Chowdhury cleared the air on the standard of its range of mobile saying that “our phones are not cheap. They come with the best technology that you can think.”

In fact, he said the chips in its mobile phones are made by Qualcomm, a company that has been in the chip business for  25 years and also supply some of the big names in the global telecoms market with chips.

He said before launching any product a survey  is usually conducted to determine the kind of features that consumers are looking for and what best price they can take adding that “we just want to give the consumer at the price they can afford while we put the value that will make happy in our phones.

“If you compare the price and the quality of TECNO phones you will see that they are more the affordable and not cheap.”

Chowdhury whose visit to Nigeria coincided with the launch of its latest phone, TECNO N3, a slick stylist android device said there are even fake and substandard TECNO phone in the country.

According to him, most of the software that are found in TECNO phones are the same as those  in other brand considered of high value stressing, “from the very beginning we always insist on quality for our phones as well as research and development.

“We are in Nigeria to stay and settle down for business. It is only those who are not here to stay but just want to make quick money that put high price on their products. They just want to take away the money and leave Nigeria.”

Chowdhury disclosed that  his company has come to stay in Nigeria and is considering setting up a manufacturing plant in the country saying, “we have already done that in Ethiopia and we will give Nigerians what they want.”

Although he did not state when the plant for the manufacture of TECNO mobile phones will kick-off, he assured that by 2014 the proper guidelines for the setting up of  the plant in the country will be put in place.

Reacting to the closure of its shop in Lagos earlier in the year over the lack of approval from the Nigerian Communications Commission, he said that there was a miss communication between TECNO office in Lagos and the Nigerian Communications Commission office in Abuja stressing that all its phones are now type-approved by the regulator.

He revealed that by February next year the lovers of tablet will have the opportunity of owning a TECNO tablet noting that TECNO is not out to compete with any other brand but just want to be itself, which according to him is the reason behind the “Be Smart, Be Yourself” campaign.

He explained that the real strength for the TECNO Mobile brand is that the brand is willing to do what the customer wants it to do adding that that is why Nigeria is the heart of the TECNO Mobile brand.

On his partnership with Airtel Nigeria, he said that it is the choice of technology, which Airtel prides itself in that brought the two brands together adding that its presence inNigeria does not end with business as it is working with some NGOs to give back to the Nigerian society.

“There are a lot of things that we are doing in the country particularly on  HIV/AIDs wherein we are already engaging some big NGOs in the area of children that are vulnerable to killer diseases.”

Of all the challenges in the telecoms market in Nigeria, Chowdhury said the greatest is the pace of the market, which is too fast for TECNO to match.

He said that if his company is able to match with the pace of the market everything would be very fine saying that its volume sales of TECNO phones in the lycountry is going up and current holds 20 per cent of the market share.

He however assured that TECNO is able to meet up with the demand of the market stressing that although the market trend changes, “we are always with the demand of the people.”

The TECNO boss appealed to the Federal Government to assist take away the fake and substandard TECNO phones from the market stressing that confessions from its customers affirmed the good quality of the phones.

He said that in the future TECNO would be rolling out many youth friendly phone adding that it hopes to improve its market share further.


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