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Monday, 17 June 2013 00:00
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Nestle champions eco-friendly power production for energy efficiency

Following the major challenges constraining socio-economic growth and development of power infrastructure in the country, Nestle Nigeria PlC , has optimised the use of fossil fuel to generate energy.

Its tri-generation power plant situated at Agbara factory in Agbara, Ogun uses an electrical power as prime energy .

It is also a significant effort in the area of technology transfer over and above the technology of a standard power plant.

The Managing Director and Chief Executive of Nestle Nigeria, Mr. Dharnesh Gordhon during the media tour of the Agbara Factory by environmental journalists on World Environment Day, which was marked on June 5, said the company has had 199 days on the self reliance power generation without interruption.

He said: ‘We are committed to provide leadership within our own sphere of influence and the tri-generation power plant reduces energy costs.”

“Chilled and hot water are produced by recovering the heat generated from the power plant exhaust gases,” he noted.

Explaining further, Gordon said: “As this heat is usually expelled into the atmosphere, the recovery of the heat improves overall energy efficiency. The use of energy eco-friendly absorption chiller also eliminates ozone – depleting refrigerants.”

In the same vein, the Cooperate Communication and Public Affairs Manager of the Nestle Nigeria, Dr. Samuel Adenekan said the Nestle Factory does not use the power sourced from the Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) due to power failure which effect counters production negatively.

According to him, Nigeria generates little power, but much of it is wasted while the company is strictly on power conservation and produces sufficient power for effective delivery.

“This energy generated has helped the company toimprove performance in manufacturing and distribution,” he said.l

However, the company’s key focus is on what is valuable to the environment so that it can improve overall efficiency, quality and environmental sustainability.

Also the Safety Health and Environment Manager, Lot John Adeniji said the company incorporates environmental sustainability objectives when “We build, construct and renovate facilities.

“We aim to use the most efficient technologies and apply best practices in order to further optimise waste generation, utilise sustainable energy sources.”



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