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Job search takes U-turn with Smart Classified

Smart Classified or sClassified is a world- class innovation from the stable of www.PrimeHangout.com, a social media that is doing more than just connecting people.

With Smart Classified or sClassified, the era of searching endlessly for a dream job via various recognized means has finally come to an unexpected end.

The Smart Classified is a tool designed to reverse the conventional way of looking for jobs. 

According to the Founder and CEO of Primehangout.com, Dr.Henry I. Balogun,
“Looking for job without having to search through endless pages of help wanted in print or online is now a reality. Smart Classified makes it possible for the kind of job you are interested in to find you no matter where you are and no matter what you are doing.

In a nutshell, sClassified is the gateway to effective job search and this is just the beginning.

“We are well accustomed with the situation especially in Nigeria where young and fresh graduates have to roam from one place to another with their CV looking out for a credible company around to drop their CVs; or searching on the web all day for available positions.

In recent years, it has even become more frustrating because virtually all the employers around have now chosen the online platform to advertize vacant positions in their companies.

What we’ve found out is that the positions advertized are not always real due to the credibility of the posters of these vacant positions; so many prospective job seekers have been let down and have concluded that maybe there are no more good jobs around.

Smart Classified is here to redefine all of these and set a new trend in the way jobseekers go about looking for jobs that are even not there. The new technology does all the roaming and hunting to secure the desired job for anyone, anywhere and anytime. 
“At one time or the other, one would have wished for a dream job to locate one right at home instead of going everywhere and working so hard to get notified about one. That wish is now a reality with sClassified or Smart Classified because that is exactly what the new design does. It finds a job of interest for anyone without having to search for it.”

According to Dr. Balogun, “the new tool is in two folds in the sense that it makes it easier to find a job of interest and for a job of interest to locate a prospective job seeker.  The two are intertwined with the sole aim to completely abolish the need to work so hard to find a job”.

On how to get started, the CEO stated that the process required potential employers as well as individual users to log on to www.PrimeHangout.com and become registered users. The registration to use and enjoy the site, according to him, is absolutely free for any individual as well as businesses.

“However, sClassified is extremely affordable and a brilliant way for potential employers to seek out and find the right talent for their businesses. Any company, regardless of size, can log in and post a specific help wanted ad on sClassified. Once the ad is posted, our new technology takes over.

Advertisers will be able to see and manage the process from their respective dashboards and job seekers will continue to receive notifications with regard to available jobs until hired. For those who are looking for jobs, the use of sClassified is absolutely free." Balogun explained.

PrimeHangout is out to change and enrich lives through its world- class innovations from PrimeHangout Mall (an online retail store where people can actually buy and sell) to sClassified (a latest innovation that finds job for prospective jobseekers). Coupled with these, PrimeHangout is also a social media designed to allow users to find friends, connect, chat, share photos and videos or blog about just any hot topic of the day. 

“The goal of PrimeHangout is to make social media something tangible, rewarding, life improving tool and financially beneficial to all. Smart Classified, otherwise known as sClassified, is one of many services developed for the benefit of users and now available exclusively within the PrimeHangout system. Register today to start experiencing the advantages of PrimeHangout," Henry Balogun emphasized.

For those on the go or with exclusive access to Smartphone, PrimeHangout free app for Android, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, or Windows Phone is already available. PrimeHangout's new technology ‘sClassified’ is now available on iPhone and Android platforms. Feel free to download it today.


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