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Nigerian firm to launch QuickAir, Room Status at World Trade Market

Barely 10 days to the formal opening of this year's World Travel Market holding in London, United Kingdom all now seems set for leading Tourism and Travel Technology firms across the world to showcase the future of travels on planet Earth.

Over the years, the Travel Technology section of this global event has always een dominated by American and European firms. Travel Technology is a key ingredient of modern day travel and tourism. Technology provides the essential platform for bringing comfort and convenience to travel businesses the world over.

This year however, two Nigerian firms will, for the first time be participating as exhibitors at the global event. 9ja Travel Services Limited, a travel technology firm will be exhibiting alongside Sum Group, franchise owner of the top-scale Best Western Hotels, Ikeja.

9ja Travel Services Limited will be showcasing QuickAir, a dynamic Airline Inventory Distribution System that is set to revolutionalise domestic aviation management system across the world. The Airline Inventory Distribution System will provide alternative platforms to National Civil Aviation Authorities the world over to effective manage domestic aviation in a way that stimulate growth and development of the sector.

The second product to be launched  at  this  global gathering of the World's ests is RoomStatus, a recently patented Hotelroom reservation system that puts simplicity
behind hospitality management. RoomStatus represents a new thinking in Hotel Room Reservation Management providing hospitality operators and hotel owners with a simple yet powerful technology to manage customers, facilities and revenue in real time.

Today, the future has begun. We are proud of our heritage and 9ja Travel Services Limited intends to showcase excellent Technology offering during the 4-day event. Our Exhibiting partners, the suru group win provide excellent add-on products that will showcase our rich tourism potential and culture.

We are extremely excited about the opportunity to put QjuickAir on global display - Its a revolutionary platform that will forever change the way and manner domestic travel is bought and sold around the world.

This is a product that will essentially bridge the yawning gap between Low Cost Carriers the world over and travel agents who (for lack of a central platform) are unable to ticket these airlines.

We are so sure of QuickAir and we look forward to a rave review  of the product by
global aviation experts. having been a player m the aviation industry for a while, we are stepping forward to bridge a gap to ensure the contmued survival of this sector for the benefit of operators and travelers.

Our RoomStatus application is a cloud-based technology that requires no installation for usage. It is the first time that any travel tech firm anywhere in the world is going the extra mile of allowing customers the opportunity of picking their desired room ahead ofarrival at the hotel.

The days of the receptionist selecting the rooms for customer is coming to a quickend. We are all looking forward to presenting this global product to the entire world. RoomStatus is built for the world market.

As a travel technology firm based in Nigeria, we are particularly excited to lead World Travel in a new direction. Welcome to RoomStatus - the future of hotelbooking. Ability to pick your desired hotelroom ahead ofarrival is the way to go, and we are glad to lead the charge.

The launching of the RoomStatus (Formerly, FrontDesk Manager) in London will precede the release of this wonderful software into the Nigerian market. We are extremely
Eroud of the fact that we have een able to work our way from a small Nigerian company to a veritable icon in the Travel Technology subsector.

Burger King Champ too...

Barry Gibbons, former CEO of the US-based Burger King Corporation - and the man dubbed the "Turn Around Champ" - officially opens World Travel Market 2012, the leading global event for the traverindustry, on Monday, November 5, at ExCel London.
He will talk about creating and maintaining business in a phenomenally tough economic climate.

"Within a year of taking over the role of CEO of Burger King, Barry was opening two new restaurants a day around the world, attracting thousands of hungry travelers on a budget,' said Fiona Jeffery OBE, Chairman of World Travel Market, "During 5 years as chief of one or the world's leading fast-food chains, he received international recognition for his   outstanding   business performance."

When Gibbons took over running the US-based Burger King in 1989 as part of the Pillsbury Group by the UK Company, Grand Metropolitan, it was losing money with not one of its international businesses in a healthy state.

At the time, the average US$lmillion annual profit a year compared dismally with their main rival of MacDonald's US$1.5million. Franchisees were earning poor profits, and many restaurants were short staffed, dirty, and badly in need of renovation.

Within 4 years, Gibbons made a pre-tax profit of $250 million, trading positively in 55 countries.

At the time, Burger King also had no representation in the UK. He acquired the Wimpey brand ana converted key outlets, giving them a solid platform for today's thriving UK business.

In his first week in the job, he persuaded Burger King's managers to view the business from a customer perspective - "a bad cup of coffee at the end of a meal is just as damaging as a bad advertising campaign."

Gibbons had been the former Chairman and Managing Director of Grand Metropolitan's US$1 billion operation of 2,000 restaurants and pubs in Britain and Europe.

"Getting through some of the worst economic times in living memory is uppermost in the industry's minds right now, particularly in UK and Europe," said Jeffery, "We hope that World Travel Market can help play its part in connecting travel businesses, sectors, and markets for mutual, sustainable benefit.

"Barry Gibbons was a businessman at the top of his game in a highly competitive global field, added Jeffery, As our Guest of Honor and as an excellent speaker, he will put a different and altogether fresh, innovative perspective on business. He will demonstrate to travel companies and the industry as a whole what can be learnt from managing a global brand as well as the challenges of franchising and brand consistencies in a global market."

Fortune Magazine first gave Barry Gibbons the title of "Turn Around Champ" after his phenomenal success in boosting Burger King's fortunes. Gibbons retired m 1994 from Burger King aged just 44, largely because he prefers to build companies, not simply maintain them. He went on to become a successful entrepreneur and author.

He has written 6 business books, notably "If You Want to Make God Really Laugh, Show Him Your Business Plan," containing what Gibbons considers to be the 101 Universal Laws of Business.

He has also given more than 250 speeches on 4 continents to some of the world's most respected and successful companies.

"Barry's experiences, anecdotes, humor, and practical tips are as relevant today as they have ever been," said Jeffery, "Barry believes in leading rather than managing; in the importance of energizing a workforce; crucially ensuring that a brand personality runs throughout every aspect of an organization; and developing a relationship with customers that goes beyond satisfaction.

'When a downturn hits hard, survival and future prosperity can depend on establishing or reestablishing a connection with all kinds of stakeholders. This is part of Barry Gibbons' overriding business philosophy, which we hope will help uplift and invigorate the industry in this highly challenging era. World  Travel  Market's Siening Ceremony is on onday, November 5, in London.

World Travel Market Meridian Club celebrates 21 years World Travel Market (WTM), the leading global event for the travel industry, will this year be celebrating the 21st anniversary of WTM Meridian Club.

WTM Meridian Club -the leading global business network: making contacts, concluding deals - is World Travel Market's business club for senior travel industry buyers, who have direct responsibility for purchasingproducts.

WTM first opened its doors to Meridian Club members back in 1992, the year Bill Clinton became US President, Euro Disney opened in France, McDonald's opened its first restaurant in Beijing, and the year Turke y experienced one of the most destroying earthquakes of all time.

Greece tourism continues sponsorship of WTM International Press Center World Travel Market (WTM), the leading global event for the travel industry, is delighted to announce that the Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO) is once again sponsoring the WTM International Press Center.

The WTM International Press Center gives Greece the platform to promote its tourism offering to the world through the almost 3,000 media that attend every year.

On the opening day of World Travel Market, GNTO will hold their annual press conference highlighting all the new tourism initiatives they have planned for the coming year

The WTM International Press Center is the largest recurring press center in the UK attracting nearly 3,000 international media from the world's major media organizations - from trade ana consumer publications across print, broadcast, and the Internet - throughout the four days of the event.