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Christmas: Prices of commodities, home appliances remain stable

As the celebrations of Christmas and New Year Festivities draw near, prices of essential food items like rice, groundnut oil, tomatoes and other commodities across the country have remained stable.

the same is true of clothing and electronic appliances like television and home theatres that people may want to add to the things they would need to make the celebrations worth their while.

Checks revealed that there has not been visible increase in prices of essential needs that people require during the celebration. A bag of rice still goes for between N8000 and N10,500, depending on the type and the market one is buying from.

 For instance, a bag of Mama Africa remained at N10,500; Mama Gold, N9,500 and a bag of Stallion, N8,000. Twenty litres of groundnut oil costs N4,800 and 10 Litres of groundnut oil, N2,400. Also, a carton of Gino tomatoes still sells at N1,300.

A shop attendant in a boutique in Karu Abuja said that even prices of children clothes are still within the range people bought them at normal times with some even going down.

“If a buyer is careful, there are places where they are doing bonanza, selling off what they have at reduced prices. So if a buyer is patient and careful, she will be able to identify such places and go for better deals,” he said.

At several places in Abuja, big supermarkets have reduced prices of television, home theatres and even decorations, our checks revealed.

In calabar, a rice dealer, Mr Ikechukwu Dike told our reporters that the prices of the products remained stable because transporters had not hiked fares.

 ``It is not time yet for prices to go up because transport costs have not increased. It is transportation that actually pushes up prices of commodities during Christmas, ’’he


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