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Sunglass, Glamour exploit e-Commerce potential in Nigeria

One of the benefits of cashless economy introduced by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) recently is to encourage e-commerce and online transaction in retail and bulk shopping in Nigeria. To this extent, local and foreign firms have since started to grapple for space and presence in Nigeria’s emerging e-commerce market.

Though the list of online retail outlets in Nigeria is slim, there are indications that it is growing by the day. This indication was buttressed by a new investor in the e-commerce space, StartUps Partners’ Africa whose CEO, Jaime Moreno, has said that the country holds huge potential for e-Commerce development.

He said this during an interactive session with journalists on its new investment in e-Commerce in the country after  the take-off of the company’s two online stores: Glamour.com.ng and Sunglass.com.ng, in Lagos, recently.

Moreno said, “Nigeria has a very large population, the opportunities are enormous and we think Nigerians are becoming very brand savvy”, adding that consumers’ response had been overwhelming

“With about 50 million Internet users in the country who are going to be demanding different products online and an emerging e-commerce landscape, the opportunities for growth are enormous. This should stimulate e-Commerce ecosystem in Nigeria as more e-Commerce companies continue to spring up.”

According to him, glamour.com.ng and sunglasses.com.ng are poised to provide a unique shopping experience for Nigerians by offering quality beauty and cosmetic products.
He, however, observed that there was the need for consumer enlightenment owing to misconceptions and scepticism about online shopping.

He said, “There is a need for consumer education because e-Commerce is just starting in Nigeria. So people are still sceptical. Therefore, there is need to enlighten the people.”
“We know there are concerns about security, 419 and transactions safety in the country, and all of these have to be addressed.”

To address some of the scepticism about online shopping, Moreno said SPA had introduced the pay-on-delivery payment method to boost customers’ confidence.

When consumers make orders online, according to him, they have them delivered free-of-charge to their doorstep and they can pay on delivery either in cash or on Point of Sale terminals.

He promised that the company would deliver world best  quality  service and  products at affordable prices in Nigeria.

On what informed his company’s foray into the Nigeria marke t,, beside the profit motives, Moreno said, Sunglasses market in Nigeria is characterized by fake and substandard products, which endangered the health of users rather than the desired benefits.

“We want to put at the disposal of Nigerians original quality products and of the same standard anywhere in the world, and at the same time, guarantee its healthy use. The same goes for the perfumes and other beauty products in our stores,” he said.


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