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Multi-Trex receives best non-oil exporter

Multi-Trex Integrated Food Plc has recently received the best non oil exporter in the country.

The Manager, Backward Integration Department of the Multi-Trex Integrated Foods Plc, Mr. Kolawole Ogundolapo, made this known during the pupils and students of Hydeal Educare School's excursion to the company.

While addressing the school pupils and students, Ogundolapo also said the company was committed to value adding chain in the country.

He said Multi Trex was a major on transforming cocoa beans into other products such as powder, liquor, chocolate, cocoa butter and drinks.

Ogundolapo noted early this year, the company launched a new product 'Frangada' which is currently in the market.

He stated through its export, they have been able to generate revenue for the country.
He said its works include educating the farmers on cocoa bean from planting and processing.

The head teacher of Hydeal Educare School, Mr. Felix Famodimu, commended the efforts of the company for her consistent efforts to transform Nigeria agriculture and its economy.

He said he was not surprise to hear the company had received the award because of its commitment toward the transformation agenda of the country.

It was well deserved by the company. Famodimu noted.

Meanwhile the pupils of the school expressed their gratitude to the company for giving them the opportunity to see and learn many of the processes involved in making raw materials into finished goods after they were conducted round the lab to see the ways things are produced.


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