Islamist-led assembly votes on Egypt constitution

An Islamist-dominated panel tasked to write a new constitution for Egypt began voting yesterday on the document's final draft, a move likely to stoke a widening political crisis over decrees giving the nation's Islamist president near absolute powers.

Jakes Gerwel, friend and aide to Mandela, dies

Jakes Gerwel, who advocated for the end of apartheid in South Africa and became a longtime friend and trusted aide to former President Nelson Mandela, died yesterday. He was 66.

Thieves in South Africa steal $2m worth of art

Thieves posing as art students with their teacher stole more than $2 million worth of paintings from a museum in South Africa's capital in a daring armed robbery, authorities said yesterday.

Melcom shop collapse in Ghana: Voices heard in rubble

VOICES can still be heard in the rubble of a multistorey shopping centre in Ghana's capital, Accra, 48 hours after it collapsed, rescue workers have said.

S'Africa opposition submits no confidence motion

Opposition parties yesterday submitted a motion of no confidence against President Jacob Zuma saying that corruption and unemployment have risen, the justice system has been politicised and the economy has weakened. The ruling party called the move a publicity stunt.

Uganda to withdraw troops from Somalia, says Mukasa

UGANDA will withdraw its forces from UN-backed international missions, Security Minister Muruli Mukasa says, escalating a long-running row.