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Nigerian scientist claims pioneering role in application of nanotechnology to medicine

Dr. Maduike Ezeibe of the Dept of Veterinary Medicine University of Nigeria Nsukka has claimed pioneering role in application of nanotechnology to medical practice. The world now accepts that nano materials have solutions to most medical problems. According to him, “I started research on medicinal use of nano material (Aluminium Magnesium Silicate) (AMS) in 1995 and published my findings first in Nigeria Journal of Animal production in 1998.

In 2009, I decided to go international. In 2006, the Federal Government of Nigeria patented two drug formations based on the invention. This year, my application to patent the synthetic AMS has also been approved. I have over 16 publications (including a book) accessible on the internet on it. How then can the use of nano materials for the treatment of diseases be credited to any other country other than Nigeria, let Nigeria call on the world to investigate if AMS which a Nigerian Scientist has been  reporting as antiviral agent and adjuvant for other drugs since 1998 is not a nano material” he said.

Ezeibe further stressed that nano particle is a particle not more than 100 nanometer (nm) in size. AMS which I synthesized and expressed the reaction with my own equation, has a thickness of its medicinal effects have been severally reported by me. I have publicly expressed optimism it will inhibit HIV going by its mechanism. Ezeibe lamented and urged the Federal Government and Nigerians at large to defend his invention and tell the world that a Nigerian scientist invented antiviral and adjuvant uses of nanoparticles before the current claims by foreigners. The most important point I want to make is that – AMS is a nanoparticle. Readers should confirm by visiting: www.rtvanderbilt.com  and confirm that AMS molecules are nanoparticles. They should also get a tape copy of NTA news of 9th February, 2008 on the cure of bird flu virus by me to prove the validity of my claims.

Nanoparticle is any particle that has at least one of its sides measuring not more than 100nm. Molecules of synthetic AMS which I invented are made of platelets of 1nm thick. The invention has been patented in Nigeria and I was recently given an award by the Presidential standing committee on inventions for the invention as antiviral agent and adjuvants to other drugs. Also in my book titled: The Synthetic Aluminum Magnesium Silicate, I reported that AMS selectivity absorbs (binds) to abnormal cells, this means it can also work as anti cancer drug. I am worried that current clams that nanoparticles possess these medicinal values could be an attempt to deny my invention. Ezeibe said

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