scientists receive platinum, gold, other awards in unilag

Anyone who attended another University except the University of Lagos (UNILAG), who was present at the University of Lagos 50th Anniversary Celebration which Commemorated the Presentation of awards to major donors/partners of the University, would be tempted to renounce his/her Alma Mata. The ovation, eulogy, accolade, citation, and of course, the greatest of all, UNILAG DONORS AWARDS, Presented to almost 50 distinguished donors in recognition of their selfless contributions to the University for National Development, were priceless. Science Reporter, STANLEY CHIBUIHEM AMALAHA who was at the University, reports.

Research is prima facie in UNILAG

tapped and waiting to be translocated into national development and the national economy. We hereby humbly invite our government and the private sector to our University to obtain solutions to various problems.”
Prof. Funso Falade, Chairman Conference Planning Committee and Prof. Of Civil & Environmental Engineering, University of Lagos, in his speech identified major challenges confronting developing countries of the world like Nigeria and how they can attain meaningful national development.

Research is prima facie in UNILAG

The Annual Research conference and fair of the University of Lagos (UNILAG) which started in 2005 is now international in nature. This years event titled Research and Innovation for Economic Development in a globalising Nigeria held last week was unique in the sense that  it was part of the Golden Jubilee celebrations of the University Science Reporter STANLEY CHIBUIHEM AMALAHA Reports

Nigerian scientist claims pioneering role in application of nanotechnology to medicine

Dr. Maduike Ezeibe of the Dept of Veterinary Medicine University of Nigeria Nsukka has claimed pioneering role in application of nanotechnology to medical practice. The world now accepts that nano materials have solutions to most medical problems. According to him, “I started research on medicinal use of nano material (Aluminium Magnesium Silicate) (AMS) in 1995 and published my findings first in Nigeria Journal of Animal production in 1998.

NCERD blazes the trail on renewable & non-renewable energy

The importance of energy for sustainable development in Nigeria cannot be overemphasized. Having realized this, the Federal Government in 1980, established the National Centre for Energy Research and Development (NCERD) at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. Over the years, the centre has been setting pace in the development of different scientific and technological equipment. Recently, the centre developed Solar Cooker, Solar water heater, solar dryer, and domestic Bio- gas digester among others. Science Reporter STANLEY CHIBUIHEM AMALAHA, who was with Dr Paulinus Ugwoke, Director of the centre, reports.

... Nigeria’s Thomas Edison

At my early stage, I was patronizing local welders on the street, to fabricate whatever I want to build. It was from this, that I built my workshop and started welding iron materials by myself.
My name initially from my parents was Usman Abubakar but my God’s given scientific ingenuity made people to nickname me Mujaddadi meaning rebirth or renew because of the way renew or convert wasted materials to scientific use. For example, I can use waste transformer materials to construct another transformer or to construct other electrical gadgets like battery charger; inverter; stabilizer; step up or step down transformer etc.” he said.