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Sunday, 02 December 2012 00:00
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Strange story from Nigerian survivor of human trafficking in Isreal

Nmezi Obinna StanleyDo we stop addressing these Jewish people as children of God or do we retrace our steps when dealing with these ants?”

That was the poser raised by a young, adventurous Nigerian, Nmezi Obinna Stanley, after experiencing Israel recently. In his odyssey occasioned by the need to escape the vicelike grip of poverty in Nigeria, he had gone to Israel in quest of lasting peace.

But to his chagrin, the biblical Israel has now been turned insideout. It is now, for want of better description, a glittering fake. Maybe except Jerusalem!

What he encountered, no doubt, beat his ken; a situation that would later has-ten his return to his homeland.

He is also angry at the Nigerian government for making life hellish and liv-ing almost impossible for its citizenry, thereby pushing them to be treated like slaves across the globe.

But why does he harbour so much hatred for the Jewish people? He loves his compatriots so much, so he is quick to warn them that the socalled Promised Land does not promise any goodies to Africans any more.

His words: “I woke up in the morning after I entered Israel a forth night ago. I thought I was in a mini heaven: serene begot of beautiful flowers, fresh and reviving air, good road and houses, colourful gardens, functional recreational fa-cilities and so on.

It is, un-doubtedly, the land of God, which attracts nations all over the world. Surpris-ingly, such a divine model harbours or is occupied by ants. The supposed descen-dants of Abraham are not the real occupants of this Promised Land. The occu-pants now are wolves in sheep clothing.

“From day one of my entrance to the Promised Land up until the day I was forced to come back to Nigeria, it was a persistent attack and battle between me and the ants. It is to my greatest chagrin that a civilized nation like Israel, in spite of all her ratings, should practise colour prej-udice.

The government and their citizens toy with the blacks in their land. They make laws everyday to disengage the blacks in their sand, from Israel. They pretend to accept asylum seekers in their home country, and come out treating them as slaves. To attract international sympathy and recognition, they proclaim to absorb and be fair with Africans who seek asylum in Israel. But, on the con-trary, what they do or say to these victims are not seen or heard internation-ally.

“There is no job security in Israel among Africans. We are subjected to forced labour, forced marriages. No treatment of sickness and injuries sustained in the course of working for them. The kind of visa the government of Israel gives to the asylum seekers maintains a ridiculous sta-tus for Africans.

The government will not warrant African to work or do any kind of business in Israel; and yet, they give us visa to stay in Israel and die. Besides, nothing an African does to a Jewish man pleases him. You serve him with all your might, but he turns you to a slave.

“Americans, British or even a third world country can practise racism, and we will vividly surmise it to their short- sightedness in the knowledge of God. But it is laughable and so ridiculous that the cele-brated children of God, our so called white masters, are in the fore front of these dirty acts.

It is also surprising that in my country, Nigeria, the Jewish people who work and make businesses are well- paid in hard currency and treated fairly. It is notable to say a Jewish man bites the finger that feeds him.

“I had endured the ill treatment from the children of God and had preserved. But something exposed their animalistic tenden-cies. Something that made me hasten my steps to come back home.

A thing I can endure to face in America, but must not in the holy land. It is raging and flamboyantly caressed and nurtured: the practice of homosexuality. It is evi-dent in the lives of the chil-dren of God. It has spread just like the tentacles of an Octopus around its globe.

It is a social menace that has eaten deep into the fab-rics of the Israelites; and some Africans are caught in the crossfire. All the cities of Israel, except Jerusalem, are infected with this scourge. I know some Africans who were lured into this dirty game because of shekel or the vain promise that they would be provided with au-thentic visa to encourage their stay in Israel.

“Seeing these nauseat-ing and animalistic prac-tices by the so-called children of God, I can now rest my case by asking us these penetrating ques-tions: Do we stop address-ing these Jewish people as children of God or do we retrace our steps when dealing with these ants? A stitch in time saves nine. Beware of guiles.”

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