The Governor’s whip

That Aliyu Magatakarda Wa-makko is governor of Sokoto state firmly establishes him as a Muslim; for it is unthinkable that a Christian would be allowed to mount the governor’s chair in the heart of the caliphate. But that does not rule out the possibility of his having come in contact with the Bible or at least drawing inspi-ration from it.

The beginning of the end

The leaders of the Action Congress of Nigeria [ACN] must be greatly troubled by the result of last week’s governorship election in Ondo State.

The Bakassi jolly ride

After almost 10 years, Nigeria has woken up to see the folly in the handing over of Bakassi to Cameroon. The National Assembly is now screaming for action to recover Bakassi from the ‘dash’ that Obasanjo ‘dashed’ Bakassi to Cameroon. For 10 years we slept on what we now see as injustice and have woken up in the last minute to begin a cry of the bereaved.

Kicking the Yoruba

Obafemi AwolowoHow did the Yoruba get to where they are now? The race has become almost invisible in the national life of Nigeria.

The animals amongst us

If proponents of the theory of evolu-tion are looking for modern day jus-tification of the assertion that man evolved from animals, they are not likely to find a better evidence of sup-port than the events of the last few weeks in Nigeria. Occasionally you find aberrant behaviour all over the world that questions the humanity of man, but rarely do you find such behaviour in any society with the rapid succession with which they have taken place in Nigeria in recent times.