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OBJ versus GEJ – Rumble in the land

IT had to come to this. What goes round must come around. It promises to be a classic fight to finish. The pugilists are different in temperament and disposition, the fighting styles different; the arsenal of war is foreign versus local.

Welcome to the greatest political battle of all times. The ground is going to shake very soon unless one of them chickens out of this contest of political supremacy.

If anybody was in doubt about Olusegun Obasanjo having plans for the 2015 presidential
election that does not include Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, the gathering in Abeokuta recently for raising money to build a mosque in Obasanjo’s presidential hotel complex, sorry presidential library complex, should cast such doubts into oblivion.

Things have fallen apart and the centre cannot hold any longer between godfather and son.

What happened? God in his wisdom has warned fathers not to exasperate their children
as part of their parental responsibility towards them. A vilified child can turn his back on his wicked father and become dangerously confrontational. I am told that some powerful international busybodies had been telling Ebele about certain uncomplimentary remarks about his government, made to them by OBJ. Ebele didn’t need to work hard to confirm the backstab as OBJ went public with his criticism of the government.

The first public salvo, signalling the beginning of war, boomed in Dakar Senegal on 11 November. OBJ maximised his international influence to deal a mortal blow on the  credibility of the Jonathan government. He told the African leaders at the African  Development Bank and Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development forum about rising unemployment and his fear of great consequences for Nigeria.

As usual, he sang praises of his own magnificent effort in reducing unemployment. A few days later, he nailed the coffin of criticism at Ayo Oritsejafor’s 40th anniversary of his call to the ministry, when he literally said Jonathan was incapable of ensuring national security. If a government cannot provide jobs and cannot guarantee security, what is its raison d’être?

Obasanjo was in other words telling Nigerians that the Jonathan government should be rejected. He was inciting Nigerians against the government. Whether that incitement is
justified or not is another matter.

Jonathan fired back at the general who is fabled for his unrelenting pursuit of his victims.
Who could have imagined that this harmless looking president, who some people have even dubbed ‘tame’, ‘lame’, ‘mumu’, ‘docile’, could possess such a devastating power punch.

I was wondering why the sudden need for a media chat when same was announced shortly after the Obasanjo Improvised Explosive Device at Oritsejafor’s birthday. By the way, Oritsejafor must have been embarrassed to no end that Obasanjo choose to use his celebration to cause such monumental damage to the Jonathan government.

It was like rolling a massive Iroko tree across Oritsejafor’s pathway to Aso Rock. And we all know how precious that pathway must be to him given the camaraderie of the recent past. Perhaps that was divine intervention to call the Man of God to order.

But back to the return fire of Ebele. The taken for granted president surprised the war
veteran general in his response. Even the response looked weak but not to the perceiving
and the schooled in strategies of political warfare. Ebele told the perceiving during his
media chat that he was going to send Obasanjo back to prison.

And the reason is the massacre at Odi in 1999. Obasanjo in his public braggadocio at Warri had told the world that he ordered the killings at Odi. He took full responsibility for the actions at Odi in the process of taken what he perceived as the glory of the move. But Jonathan deftly turned that supposed glory into criminal perfidy.

He told the world that as Deputy Governor of Bayelsa state at that time, he visited Odi
immediately after the killings and all he saw were corpses of children, old men and
women. He affirmed on the vantage of his position as Deputy Governor then that no militant was killed at Odi.

What Jonathan said therefore was that Obasanjo sent soldiers into Odi to kill defenceless people. When a president of a country makes that kind of statement to the world, the matter has moved away from the realm of conjecture. Jonathan staked his presidential seat and authourity on that state-ment. That puts the matter in the realm of the kind of crime that Slobodan Milosevic of Yugoslavia was accused of which sent him to The Hague for trial for crimes against humanity and his eventual death in custody.

That was a deadly response to OBJ and the general knew it. That was why Femi Fani-
Kayode was immediately dispatched to respond to the deadly Jonathan fire and defuse
the Hiroshima response.

The way things stand, it must be clear to Ebele that he can only continue to be president of Nigeria beyond 2015 if he sends Obasanjo to jail. He knows too well that Obasanjo is reputed not to forget, I will not comment about forgiving.

If OBJ is still politically active when the 2015 process begins, with all the public discomfiture Ebele has caused him, his only options are to put him away in jail or begin to pack his luggage out of Aso Rock. He does not have the pedestal of performance in office
to stave off an Obasanjo incitement and encouragement of the north to take the presidency from him.

But beyond personal interest, Jonathan has no choice but to pursue his allegation of
genocide at Odi against Obasanjo. He told the whole world that genocide is what Obasanjo committed at Odi; he is the Chief Security Officer and the Chief Law Officer
of Nigeria; he swore to protect the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria; he
cannot ignore any grave violations to the well being of the people he was elected to

The children and relations of those who died in Odi are alive and under his service
jurisdiction. He owes them a responsibility to serve their interests. The fact that
Jonathan appoints the Inspector-General of police makes him the Chief Policeman of
Nigeria. What manner of policeman will see a crime committed, tell the world about that
crime and refuse to apprehend and try the offenders?

Before he became president he might not have been in a position to do anything
about it, now that he is president he cannot ignore the memories of Odi as related
by him. This kind of matter is not barred by statute.

If he fails to act on the matter, henwould have told Nigerians that he was either playing politics with the lives that were lost in Odi or that he is too lily-livered to take arms against a sea of troubles for the sake of Nigeria and Nigerians. Neither of these would do his image any good. He has opened a can of worms; he cannot siddon look on the matter anymore.

The least he can do is to publicly support the media advertised resolve of the Odi people to go to the International Criminal Court to sort out the matter.

Has former President Olusegun Obasanjo, the man who has bullied everybody on the
Nigerian political scene since 1999 finally found his nemesis in Goodluck Ebele Jonathan? Every activity under the sun that has a beginning has an end. Every reign begins
a countdown to an end the day it starts.

Has the beginning of the end come to the reign of Obasanjo on the political turf in Nigeria? The days ahead will certainly be very very interesting.


Don’t talk like this Baba Tukur
PDP National Chairman, Alhaji Bamanga Tukur was reported to have said that the party was not a security agency and should therefore not be held responsible for the security
lapses in the country.

Olisa Metuh, the Publicity Secretary of the party has said that Baba Tukur was quoted out of context but he failed to tell us what exactly he said, to correct the quotation out of context. That is poor damage control.

In the absence of an alternative statement on the exact words Tukur used, Nigerians
can only hold on to the published words. If the PDP is not responsible for the insecurity
in Nigeria, then who is? It was the PDP that fielded candidates for election; it was the
PDP that Nigerians voted for; it was to the candidate of the party that the reins of governance was given. The first responsibility of any government is security; for nothing
good can happen in an insecure environment.

It is the PDP that has been charged to run the government. It only pleased the party to hand over that authourity to Goodluck Jonathan who consequently became the Chief Security Officer of the country.

The president is running the country on behalf of his party since it is his party that campaigned and sold a manifesto to Nigerians.

If there is no security in Nigeria, Jonathan is to be held responsible. If Jonathan fails, it is the PDP that has failed, if he succeeds, it is the PDP that has succeeded.

That should not have been a very difficult thing for Alhaji Tukur to understand.
The PDP should not try to defend the gaffe. It should just apologise and dismiss it as a geriatric slip.

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2.An Italian teacher has been sentenced to eight months in prison for killing two rabbits with a hammer in front of his pupils in an anatomy class.

Carlo Rando, a trained surgeon, had ordered a delivery of four dead rabbits to be dissected for his class. Two were dead when they arrived but the two surviving ones escaped into the classroom before being captured by the teacher.

He first tried to strangle them, then punched them and finally finished them off with a hammer in front of terrified teens, LAV said. “Horrific scenes worthy of an abattoir were played out in front of minors,” the group said, hailing “the courage of other teachers and
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[Are we living in the same world with these ones?]

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