Rethinking Nigeria

One of the first things I learnt in Communication theory was that the channel is the message. How you react to a message, to an appreciable extent, depends on who is delivering the message.

OBJ versus GEJ – Rumble in the land

IT had to come to this. What goes round must come around. It promises to be a classic fight to finish. The pugilists are different in temperament and disposition, the fighting styles different; the arsenal of war is foreign versus local.

The Governor’s whip

That Aliyu Magatakarda Wa-makko is governor of Sokoto state firmly establishes him as a Muslim; for it is unthinkable that a Christian would be allowed to mount the governor’s chair in the heart of the caliphate. But that does not rule out the possibility of his having come in contact with the Bible or at least drawing inspi-ration from it.

Celebrating the dead

IN quick succession, senior citizens are passing away. These last weeks must have been pretty busy for the angelic hosts who receive the spirit of the dead and usher them to their places of eternal abode.

Kawonise: The trail of blood

When an animal tears a prey and goes to have a meal of it in some safe place, seasoned trackers find the predator by the trail of blood that is inevitably bequeathed to the ground.