Sheila, Tai, Gani: Random thoughts

ONE of the positions that my spirit strongly rejects in the exclusivist philosophies of Christianity and Islam is the ineluctable fate that they say awaits those who do not share their views on the Almighty: Hell fire.

Feeding the fat cats

YEAR after year, President Goodluck Jonathan has continued to show that he is unfazed by the outrage of Nigerians about the obscene budgetary provisions of his administration for feeding at the State House.

Blair’s wrong-headed advice

“I know it is tough and it is hard. One of the things I learned since leaving office is that it is not easy to get the advice and take the decisions.

Nigeria @ 52: Why we must talk

“Nigeria is a mere geographical expression” – Obafemi Awolwo (1947)
“The mistake of 1914 has come to light and I should like it to go no further” – Ahmadu Bello (1952)

Why the killings won’t stop

What’s your name, sir”? The female library attendant asked with remarkable courtesy.
I answered: “OLUJIMI.”