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Wednesday, 24 October 2012 00:00
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Fond Farewells

Good news: I have now been writing this column for well over a year now.
Bad news: This will be my last article for a while.

Yes, unfortunately dear readers, due to various commitments, I will not be contributing to this column for the immediate future. Before we get out our handkerchiefs and starting saying our farewells however, I still have one last, parting gift for you.

I have thoroughly enjoyed writing articles for this column and over the past few months, I have learnt some invaluable journalistic lessons. Here are the top four most striking and memorable ones:

Lesson no 1: People like the spotlight
This is something that I learnt in the early stages of my column writing when I needed to get quotes for articles. In most cases, members of the public are very helpful when it comes to freely sharing their opinions with me. Nevertheless, there are some people who drag their feet if I ask them to tell me about their views on a topic. Announce that their name will be printed in your article however, and watch their facial expression change faster than you can say “fame seeker”. Of course, I am not complaining as this has only meant I have had more information needed to make interesting articles for your all.

Lesson no 2: Odd things happen in the world
My article a few weeks ago about a man, who accidentally got shot by his own dog, serves as an example of the bizarre and peculiar goings on around the globe. It is fair to say that after reporting on such strange stories, my weird-o-meter has dramatically improved. I have found however, that these eccentric occurrences a lot of the time, make for a more amusing read. After all, sometimes you need a break from hearing about the more pressing issues that the world faces.

Lesson no 3: YouTube is the mother of all inspiration
If you have read many of my articles you will have noticed an on-going trend, which is that a vast majority of them start with a video that I have watched on YouTube. No, this is not just because I spend a large amount of my spare time on the website, but due to the fact that many interesting topics emerge from the videos that are posted on it. Over the months, I have covered issues ranging from the expectations of females and make-up to the exploitation of children. Who says you cannot generate stimulating and intellectual debates from a video sharing site?

Lesson no 4: Never underestimate the power of Social Networking
An over spill from the last lesson, this year has taught just how much happens on the worldwide web, especially on social networking sites. They are quintessentially, the driving force behind the hysteria over several issues I have covered within this column. The most prominent one of these has to be the Kony 2012 case. Without sites such as Twitter and Facebook, it is fair in arguing that perhaps this issue would not have got as much attention as it did and inevitably would have missed out in earning a place in one of my articles.

Having read these four lessons, hopefully, it has helped you understand the reasons behind some of my choices for this column. Perhaps it has even spurred some of you on to becoming budding journalists yourselves!

Article Round Up
We have almost come to the end of this fond farewell. Nevertheless, it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t end this article with a reflection on some of my favourite write-ups over the past year. Although it was hard trying to rank them, here are my top three:

Article no 1: Movement Musings
Or should I say ‘the chronicle’. Over the months, you readers have been subjected to several parts of this movement saga. Whilst I hope you have enjoyed every single one, my favourite has to be the first article on the topic, as this is where my love story with all things travel related started. Long live the musings of movement.

Article no 2: Russian Elections
This was always going to be something that bought me excited due to 1) my interest on the topic 2) the fact that I was in the country when it occurred. Incidents such as the mass protests that took place around the time of this election certainly made it a fascinating event. Furthermore, the fact that I was able to bring you a report on this affair makes me feel that I have now immortalised my contribution to this historic event.

Article no 3: Language Decline
This is also something that is dear to my heart. The fact that I was able to write an article on the state of the Yoruba language abroad was a huge bonus for me. As it is something that affects Nigeria, I hope it was also an article that you readers found enjoyable to read. It will be interesting to see what can be said of this topic in a few years to come.
So that is it. We have finally come to the end.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my editor, Chair of Compass Editorial Board; Mrs Tayo Agunbiade. I also would like to thank the Managing Director of Compass Newspaper, Honourable Sina Kawonise.

Last but not least, dear readers, I would like to thank you all for reading my articles and putting up with so many versions of my beloved ‘Movement Musings’

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