Who is a corrupt Nigerian?

Who is a corrupt Nigerian? Where are the corrupt Nigerians? Is there corruption in Nigeria?
These are questions Nigerians have been trying to find answers to since the beginning of the current democratic dispensation.

What is responsible for this fuel scarcity?

The 146-page report of the Nuhu Ribadu-led Petroleum Revenue Special Task Force, excerpts of which were published on Thursday by major newspapers, is clearly an indication of how the government has lost a firm grip on the petroleum distribution chain in the country.

Here Comes The Commander-in-Chief eventually landed

A lecturer once told me that 'You don't know how well loved you are until you are at the centre of an activity'.

Re: UNIPORT 4 and Nigeria's killing fields

I don't know why I still have this feeling that the real story has not been told. Somebody said that one of the guys was holding a gun before people started shouting thief. Another witness said the boys were five, that one of them escaped. One thing I am convinced about is that for the four promising guys to have been killed like that, something is still wrong somewhere.
Ade Ipaye, Ibadan

UNIPORT 4 and Nigeria's killing fields

ONE good turn deserves another' is a coinage used globally on the need to constantly do good, individually and collectively. It also points us towards the way to continue to have a better world. A deviation from this unwritten rule will immediately lead to unpalatable consequences. It is unfortunate that due to decades of maladministration and lack of respect for human lives in Nigeria, this coinage has been turned to 'one bad action deserves another'.