And the party continues…

AS my downtown Lagos friends would say, raising both hands in peculiar salutation: “Double Tuale Baba!”

Women entrepreneurs drive growth in Africa

FAR too often, in the view of Africa’s budding female entrepreneurs, their continent is characterized as the recipient of aid that enables residents just to struggle by, and as a place that mistreats and marginalizes its women.

Spitting on graves of Odi, Zaki Biam victims

IT is a story that breaks the heart: A group of soldiers arrives in town, asks everybody to assemble in an open field for an address by its military commander, encircles the gathering, and then opens fire.

Brazil in Africa: A new Atlantic alliance

IN THE sweaty heat of northern Mozambique, Vale, a Brazilian mining giant, is digging up coal at its mine near the village of Moatize. A 400,000-tonne mound sits ready to burn.

It can only happen in Nigeria

ONLY God knows the plan she had for the rest of the year. She must have vowed that she was going to give her child or children the best in life because she strapped one of them (or the only one) to her back when she left home on her way to the bank.